Kamloops Visitor Signs & Posters

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Kamloops B.C, was the launch of Mountain Media's pictorial Visitor signs and posters.

Where is the Tournament Capital Centre? How do we get to Riverside Park? Doesn't this city have a big map somewhere?

Cross-eyed visitors will have some help finding their way around Kamloops with the installation of two big pictorial maps on the north and south sides of the city.

A six-metre giant map was installed Friday by Mountain Media at a highway pullout off the Yellowhead Highway north of Halston. A smaller, three-metre version was put up at the visitors' centre in Aberdeen.

The maps have been a six-month project for Jean-Louis Rheault, a Montreal-based artist who has charted a specialty of pictorial mapmaking around the world for more than 25 years.

Pictorial maps present an illustrated birds-eye view of the landscape in contrast to the scaled grids of regular roadmaps. Rheault worked for about 200 hours on the map.

"The idea was to show what Kamloops has to offer and direct the flow of tourists," Rheault said. He's done similar brochure-style maps for locales such as Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Singapore, Montreal and Switzerland.

"What's unique about this project is that this is the first time it's been featured as 20-foot and nine-foot signs. As far as I know, it's never been done."

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If you want your business to be shown as a part of this amazing artwork, a revision will be will be coming in 2012.

Call 1 877 304 6710 to sign up.

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Here is what they said about it:

Hi Jim:
You have done a GREAT job on this project, Thank you for letting us be a part of it. Look forward to discussing the possibilities with the sign at the RV Park.
John Stark
Business and Development Manager
BC Wildlife Park / Kamloops RV Park

Thank you for sending these photos through Jim, the signs look fabulous! We're pleased to be a part of the project.
Christina Antoniak
Destination Marketing Manager
Tourism Sun Peaks